Thursday, August 5, 2010

These fabulous greens...

...and my not so fabulous photos of them! This is another one.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Diddy Mow. Looks damn bland in these pictures, but is another one of those greyed out colors I just adore, and in this case, a washed out green! Hey, I love me a desaturated green! Also, it matches my limestone windowsill. Application wasn't as great as 360,
more runny and I actually did three coats to be entirely sure of complete coverage, but definitely not bad either. However, I usually expect a lot more for 18 darn bucks.

Can't complain about the happiness of wear though.

Swedish word of the day:
mögel -noun mildew, mould
Because it kind of looks like it- in a cool way.


  1. I was underwhelmed by the RBL looks prettier on me than it did on me

  2. SKit, min kommentar vil inte publiceras. Orkar inte skriva om allt men i korthet: Snyggt lack! Dessvärre blir jag själv ofta besviken på RBL.

  3. I love greyed out colours too. I like the picture you took with your windowsill.

  4. I love that color! That collection was pretty cool, I thought.

  5. i just love the color!
    really pretty

  6. Oh my goodness, that is absolutely gorgeous!! And even better, it looks gorgeous on YOU! I keep seeing colors and saying, "Wow, I think that's my favorite!" Then before long, I see something else and think, "No, wait, THAT's my favorite!"

    This polish thing is an addiction!

  7. Scandalous: I still can't believe that. :) I love 'em... But then again I believe our respective tastes are a wee bit different. ;)

    Sminkan: Jag och en kompis har preordrat Tudor-tantlacken. Blir jag besviken på dem lägger jag ner RBL-köpandet. Inte för att jag tycker lacken är dåliga eller fula, men för 18 pickadoller ska de ju fan vara all that oc lite till!

    Serena: They're great, aren't they? :)

    Aurora's Nails: Me too! If it wasn't for the price tag, I would hav gone for the last color as well!

    maRyya: You have good taste. ;)

    Laynie: Oh, you know it! It's like that shitty 90's (?) commercial: Once you pop, you can't stop. :P And thank you. :)


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