Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Burlesque glitter gradient

Every damn time I want to show you my purrteh glitter gradient manicure, I'm lucky enough to get super shitty weather. This is what Stockholm looks like today:

Today I'm wearing an awesome gradient with OPI's blue toned Burlesque glitter Simmer & Shimmer over Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, from their fall collection Swiss. With these photo opportunities, the pictures are... Well... Not that great. So, instead of sunny and shady photos, I give you rainy and fluorescent ones! Sometimes my kitchen sink is actually pretty useful...

I made this manicure exactly like I did the green one with Greenwich Green and Glow Up Already! the other day. I can't decide which one I like better. Quite possibly, they tie. If not sparkled up by the sun, this one at least matches the weather...

This post concludes the OPI Burlesque collection swatches. At first I was afraid the glitters of the collection would be difficult to put into use, but this way they were really fun to wear, and also, dare I say, quite glamorous, and... Burlesque. Hmm?

If you missed out on the previous posts, showing the Burlesque lacquers in action, just scroll down this blog, and you'll find plenty!

Swedish word of the day:
förkylning -noun head cold
Because I'm sporting one.


  1. Sun or not, this is gorgeous!

  2. It is gorgeous even without the light.

  3. I love dark days like the one you're having, they are so comfy!

    Gorgeous gradient!

    Remember we both said we wouldn't like the glitters? Oh well, you changed both our minds lol!

  4. It is glamorous, I like it :) And that close- up picture, wow

  5. This is to die for. I love it!


  6. That is divine!!! I love it so much. :)

  7. Sarah B.: Heehee. But I still doubt I would have bought them... I felt compelled to use them for the sake of my dear readers. ;) Nonetheless, I really enjoyed wearing them this way. :)

  8. I actually liked Show it and Glow it enough to buy it when I saw it on Cammi's post!
    Your gradients inspired me, and since I'm like your lil'daughter: a pink lover. I had to get me that one so I would do my own pink glitter gradient :P


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