Friday, September 17, 2010

Let Me Entertain You!

My first full manicure from the Burlesque collection by OPI was Let Me Entertain You! (I guess Suzi loves exclamation marks)

Feline described this one as a magenta, fuchsia kind of foil shimmer when doing skittle swatches and I will not object to that description. A glowing glittery pink shimmer right up my alley. The formula was easy to work with, kind of jelly-ish and I did two coats.

Swedish word of the day:
underhållning -noun entertainment
Guess why!


  1. Jelly and glass fleck shimmer? Right up my alley! This looks a bit like your blog header picture. ;)

  2. i love kind of jellish polishes! your nails look great! took me a minute to figure out it wasn't feline!

  3. Want! Curious about the other polishes as well :)

  4. Jag valde också det här till min första manikyr. Det är så fint!

  5. OMG OMG OMG!!! I love it! I can't wait for this collection to be available at etailers! :)

  6. Blu11: you're right! :)

    jbrobeck: Thanks! Maybe I should sign my posts

    Shiny: There will be more swatches soon! :)

    Emelie: Ja, men det försvann snabbt från mina naglar till förmån för allt annat som skulle testas!

    Solveig: I hope it will be available soon then! =)

  7. This is gorgeous!!
    Can´t wait to have all the flecky ones from this collection!

  8. Suzi Loves Exclamation Points! would be an OPI-rific name for a polish, I think. LOL.

    Love the shimmer in this one!

  9. terrenity: hehe, we might see that name in the next collection!

  10. Jag valde också det här till min första manikyr. Det är så fint!


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