Sunday, September 5, 2010

Purple creme comparison wheel

Did you miss my comparison wheels?! Well, time for another one! This time I went for an expanding and confusing polish group among my bottles, which is the purple cremes. Sometimes you just can't help wondering if you already have that particular shade when buying, how similar your polishes really are, or if there may actually be slight differences.

This won't be my best comparison ever, but maybe it can shead some light on any questions you may have had, but got too confused to even ask! (Lord knows that happens to me every once in a while.) Unfortunately, many cameras refuse to cooperate with magenta toned polishes. This is very much the case with mine. So, some of these photos have been color adjusted, but the wheel photo hasn't been, which makes some of the more saturated polishes untrue to reality. Come to think about it, some of the color adjusted photos will be way off too. Anyways...

First up, the wheel itself!

1. Sephora by OPI Metro Chic
2. China Glaze Channelesque
3. Color Club Uptown Girl
4. Viva La Diva 114 Spring Hill
5. Color Club Pucci-licious
6. LA Girl Disco Brites Hustle
7. H&M Mambo
8. China Glaze Grape Pop
9. Hot Topic unnamed blurple creme
10. OPI Sapphire in the Snow
11. Depend 115
12. China Glaze VIII
13. OPI Siberian Nights
14. Color Club Snow Queen
15. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
16. OPI William Tell Me About OPI
17. H&M Neon Lilac
18. LA Girl Flare Bedazzle

Second, let's break this down piece by piece.

1-3. The taupish purples. Ranging from less to more purple. No dupes. Sephora by OPI Metro Chic, China Glaze Channelesque (soon to be re-released under the name Below Deck), Color Club Uptown Girl.

4-6. The brights, also known as the impossible to photographs. LA Girl Disco Brites Hustle, Color Club Pucci-licious, Viva La Diva 114 Spring Hill (which is a pastel but got to be in here anyway). Definitely no dupes. Colors may be way off- damn you saturated polishes!

7-8. The medium purple cremes. H&M Mambo and China Glaze Grape Pop. Not color accurate. No dupes.

9-10. The dark blurple cremes. Hot Topic unnamed blurple creme and OPI Sapphire in the Snow. Not entirely identical, but so damn close teling the difference is extremely hard.

11. The loner. Depend 115. Ended up in the wrong place in the wheel, but didn't really fit in with any of the other groups either. You may find that proof of it being unique.

12-13. The dark purple cremes. China Glaze VIII and OPI Siberian Nights. Not identical, but you do not need both. The OPI is slightly more red toned, however, you won't be ale to tell unless you stare really hard.

14-16. The eggplant vampies. Color Club Snow Queen, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, and OPI William Tell Me About OPI. The first two have made it into a previous post of mine, so check out that comparison too. And yes, they are identical as of color, but the OPI is a bit more sheer. Color Club cremes are just of superior quality! William Tell Me About OPI is different, and the best description of this color I've seen yet is raisin.

17-18. The brights, part II: red toned purple brights. H&M Neon Purple and LA Girl Flare Bedazzle. Not color accurate. Not dupes.

There you go. Hope it's helpful to someone. Or at least eye candy to most. I love my purples. I believe purple may actually be my second biggest love after green, polishwise. I have ridiculous amounts of all sorts. Thinking of all my purples scares me, as I suspect I have endless amounts of dupes. Now at least I have broken down the cremes, and earlier, this spring, I ventured through some of my similar purple shimmers. You may check that comparison out here.

Do you have a color group in your stash that scares you like that?

Swedish word of the day:
kudde -noun pillow
Because I'm longing for mine now...


  1. I want Metro Chique from Sephora by OPI so bad! Love that color!

  2. OH! This is my kind of colours!!!

    I desperately need no. 2, 4,5 and 8! LOL!

    Great wheel!!

  3. I think mine may be green. It used to be red, but I think it's probably green now.


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