Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tease-y Does It! and Sparkle-iscious

Work has been completely insane lately, in more ways than one, so I decided to take the day off. Of course it didn't take me long to resort to my beloved nail polish bottles. What better consolation is there?! So, below, a shitload of photos of a couple of the new polishes from the Burlesque collection by OPI!

First up, my choice for a first manicure from this collection, Tease-y Does It! (Their exclamation mark, not mine.)

Gorgeous! But had a great idea... Maybe I could get some use for one of the glitters from the collection? Behold, for I found Sparkle-iscious. And did a quick and not so precise ruffian.

Mmm... The bumpiness. The thickness. But while I was painting, I had yet another bright idea. You know, all these bright ideas, maybe I coul get them at work instead, but no, not today. Today I have bright ideas for polishes! Scrangie inspired me to do the following. In a way.

I added another ruffian moon in Tease-y Does It! again.

Now, tell me this isn't glamour? Not glitz? Not show, not burlesque?! It's so goddamn beautiful, hadn't it been so insanely thick and bumpy I might have refused to use this hand for anything for the rest of my life! Sadly, this is a total of eleven (11) coats at the tip. My initial Tease-y Does It! manicure was three coats plus base and top. Then two coats of Sparkle-iscious for the first ruffian, with a coat of Diamont over it, and last two more coats of Tease-y Does It! with another coat of Diamont on top. Now you get why this manicure looks so shitty, execution wise.

Last, let's check out a comparison both me and my dear co-blogger Cammi felt was necessary: one between Sparkle-iscious and Mad As A Hatter.

Sparkle-iscious to the left and Mad As A Hatter to the right. Maybe you suspected this the same way we did when we were discussing it- they may remind of each other, but they're not the same. To pinpoint this, take a detailed look at one thin coat each on the wheel:

Same order. And please enlarge for detailed view. as you can see Sparkle-iscious is much simpler, and really only consists of three different types of colored glitter, all in the same size particles: gold, magenta and blue, while Mad As A Hatter has a gazillion things going on, both in color and particle size.

Now that this has been cleared up, I can assure you that in not too long, Cammi will check in with additional swatches and quite interesting comparisons!

Swedish word of the day:
utmattning -noun exhaustion
Because apparently there is some going on...


  1. Great post! I don't think I'll be getting Sparkle-isious though. I'm ok with my MaaH even though it's different only slightly.
    Tease-y Does It is freakin' awesome. I'll be grabbing it. <.<

  2. That Tease-y Does It triple ruffian would have been extra fierce if it had been smoother.

  3. That's an awesome manicure! I can't wait til this collection comes out. :)

  4. The "moon" is fan-freaking-tastic! o_O
    LOVE it!!!!!

  5. Teas-y Does It är himla snygg faktiskt. Kanske så snygg att jag kommer slå till men jag har inte helt fallit till föga än. Manikyren är grym! Otroligt snyggt på bild men jag kan tänka mig att elva lager känns rätt klumpigt på naglarna. Jag retade mig ju på sju... :D

  6. ooh, nice! Fast många lager lack :P
    Kanske är bättre att bara göra en liten "måne" av glitter i den formen, ovanpå Teasy..

    Tack för jämförelsen, jag tror nog att jag gillar MAAH bäst, så kanske hoppar just Sparkle-icious. Kanske.. :P

    Jag vet att det inte är så jättelika, men kan du jämföra Simmer & Shimmer med Absolutely Alice..? Vill se vilken nyans det blå är :P

  7. WOW I want to try that "double ruffian" =p So adorable!

  8. Thank you for the comparison. I'm glad I just got my MAAH. <3

  9. Riktigt cool manikyr! Men det låter lite jobbigt med 11 lager =)


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