Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wing it! and Flower-to-Flower

My name is Cammi and I’m a polishaddict!

I’ve been into nailpolish for about three or four years and in the picture below you can see a part of my stash (the whole stash is just about 300 polishes so there are still gaps to fill hahaha)!

Since I am a pink lover, Alizarine gave me Wing It! and Flower-to-Flower from OPI Summer Flutter Collection to review. All pictures are taken outside and with no consistency (this was the first time I used the camera).

This is Wing It!, a dark pink-orange jelly with blurple micro-glitter (!?) The formula was easy to work with but unfortunately, it’s still on the sheer side after three coats. I might try this layered over black some day.

Flower-to-Flower is a bubblegum pink with silver shimmer. The formula was fine.

I think it’s obvious for everyone that I haven’t been good to my nails lately. Changing diapers and the constant hand washing along with colder weather has taken its toll. Guess it’s time to order some cuticle remover and a good cuticle conditioner if I’m going to be a regular guest blogger =)

Hmm... I might just throw in a clean up brush while I'm at it!

   Swedish word of the day:
   gäst -noun guest
   Because that is what I am!


  1. Thats quite the stash you have there. You have lovely nails!

  2. Hi, Cammi! Welcome to our midst. =D Love the Flower to Flower on you.

  3. Love those two shades on you. Your just a baby with your stash! I think you need tons more like the rest of us crazies. Looking forward to more guest posts.

  4. Both look gorgeous on you!
    I hope to see your lovely paws again!

  5. lovely pinks!
    I hope my wing it arrive someday!

  6. Wow vilken samling! Om jag sa att jag inte var avis så ljuger jag :p

  7. Aaah, thanks guys! You will see more of my paws (and stash) and my baby stash will hopefully grow in to a full grown woman soon!

  8. I love Wing It, it was one of my definite favorites this summer! :)


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