Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brown, Black and Grey Holo

It's comparison time again! I wanted to see how he black Glitter Gal compared to my other dark "holos". Index - Revvvolution, middle and pinkie - Glitter Gal, ring - OPI MPJ (brown holo version???)

Swedish word of the day:
likviditetsprognos -noun cash flow projection
I'm working on a saturday night...


  1. Black one looks more like a glitter than a holo. Hm. I dun lik-ih.

  2. Sanna - yes, that's what I concluded in the Glitter Gal post below this one. It's a black with holo glitter. Still looking for a true black holo!

  3. I wonder why there are like no real, true, black holos.
    I've been looking for one too...that and a black glitter, and so far, nothing.

    But out of these, I actually like the Glitter Girl best, because at least it's black black. And not dark grey or brown-black.

    Thanks for the comparison!

  4. Interesting, how is the holo effect on the GG in person??

  5. ChaosButterfly - yes, wonder why. I think OPI DS Shimmer over black could be a hit!

    Jackie - not good, a little better than in the pictures above but it's more of a glitter.


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