Monday, October 18, 2010

Fabulous... AND Funky!

No, I'm not exactly sure what I wanted to say with that post title, but let's just pretend everything's in order. At least a few of you enjoyed the mood polish post from yesterday, and I was on a roll so I slapped on another one, and made everything a wee bit more difficult to myself- and chose a neon.

The short version of Claire's Mood Fabulous/Funky.

Incredibly horrendous to capture, this one, but here's the long version!

And the water shots I love so much, for some reason...

In cool water...

...and in warm.

This is a somewhat color accurate underwater shot of the warm color, which is the really neon-y one. Excuse the reflections of my bathroom light on the water surface...

And here's an attempt to catch the true color that indicates cool temperature. However, not totally accurate I'd say. It's more of a berry pink, or perhaps borsjtj- beet soup with sourcream.

Absolute hotness, though! I loved wearing this one. And speaking of wear, it was rather crappy with this one as well, however not as bad as Excited/Bored. I got chipping with this one after about 12 hours, and after 24 hours, the chipping was pretty bad, worse than I ever would do in public. Though, I was at IKEA so there was no escape from the chipping shame...

Swedish word of the day:
flagna -verb chip
These mood polishes sure do...


  1. This one is my least favorite from all Claire's Mood polishes. It's just to neon for me.

    P.S: PLEASE, get rid of the word verification, if that's possible.

  2. the pictures are pretty, but this polish doesn't have the effect i would like to see from a moodpolish.

  3. Wow, this color is totally bright. I don't know if I'd be able to wear something like this, but it looks really good on your nails. Reminds me of summer :)

  4. Jag försökte kommentera igår men det funkade nog inte ser jag nu =/
    Men jag frågade vart du har köpt mood-lacken? :)

  5. De är roliga, mood-lacken. Det här såg läckert ut i båda varianterna!

  6. Cissi: Jag har fått hjälp av amerikanska vänner att köpa dem, men jag har också sett att de finns i rätt stor omfattning på ebay. :)


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