Monday, October 4, 2010

Green awareness

While so many support the very noble cause of breast cancer awareness this month, my heart goes to the green ribbon instead- to create depression awareness. I had completely forgotten that this month is also the depression awareness month, until Scrangie, just like last year, reminded us with her beautiful and informative post a few days ago. I remember how her first post a year ago made quite a few of us lacquer loving girls come out, confessing to being sufferers.

Unfortunately, depression, and mental illnesses in general, is still much stigmatized in the western society. While most get sympathies for being physically ill or injured, victims of depression suffer twice- not only from their illness, but also from negative comments, accusations of laziness, and lack of understanding from people surrounding them.

This month, we acknowledge the existence of depression as an illness, a state the individual suffers from and didn't choose to end up in herself. Instead of asking your depressed friend or family member why they don't just do something, offer to help him or her do something.

I am wearing green. At least on tips and toes.

Tips today are done in Orly's foil fleck shimmering holiday shade Meet Me Undet the Mistletoe.

Can you tell the SAD-ridden fall season is here? My sunlight photos will from now on be terribly gleamy I'm afraid.

Toes have been pampered and redone in Sarah's choice , Envy from ULTA. I really love adding flakies on top of my pedis though, so I slapped on a coat of Nfu Oh 52.

Looks mostly green...

But from a different angle:

Blue? The base is purple, though.

Two colored rainbow of flakies.

I got a bit giggly when I sat down in front of the computer while letting the flakie topping dry, and opened up Solveig's Nailin' It!, to find that she had just posted an Nfu Oh 52 manicure. Go take a look at it!

Note that the green ribbon is used for a variety of causes, depression awareness being one of them.

Swedish word of the day:
mjältsjuka -noun archaic spleen, melancholy
Despite its meaning, it's a rather amusing word.


  1. I thank you for this reminder! I tend to remember Bipolar awarness month (Feb)but for some reason forget depression awareness is in Oct.
    I will be sporting my green as well!

  2. How gorgeous!! Those are my favorite shades of green. And beautiful layering :)

  3. Thank you for this. Im working on a post now because this is me. It's how I live EVERYDAY and people are so assy about it that it took forever for me to go to a dr or even say it outloud.

  4. i remember this :) and am wearing a green ribbon on my twitter avatar to remind others as well! thanks for spreading the word!

  5. I totally forgot too. It really helped to let me know that I'm not alone to find out about lots of other blogger girls suffering from depression as well. One thing that annoyed me so much was when someone told Sasha I believe that how could such a pretty girl with lovely nails have anything to be sad about. Really? Come on.

  6. Wow, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe looks gorgeous! I'll be wearing green sometime soon to support the cause as well. =)

  7. In addition to my barrage of pink posts, I intend to do some greens as well - as I too suffer from depression. I'm glad that we nail polish gals can talk about it; because sadly a lot of times this is one of those "Oh, just get over it" subjects to the general public - which is altogether sad and ignorant. Thank you for sharing your lovely greens!

  8. I think there are just too many ribbons and twibbons.
    However, Sunday is World Mental Health Day and I am trying to get my hands on Mad as a hatter to show my bipolar pride and bring awareness to the cause.

  9. Sorry for the comment, but for me this is just stupid. Green is such an optimistuc colour! Brown should be the symbol of depression, not green.

    I have so many greens and they always make me smile.

  10. Hey doll,

    The pedicure looks great w/ the flakies on top!

    Depression is really misunderstood by some people...even my own mother does not understand it...She thinks it is lack of willpower...I tried to explain it a thousand times, she just does not understand.

    Lovely post! <3

  11. Big thanks and hugs to all of you ladies who commented on this post! In fear of getting too personal I won't be replying to you individually, but please don't ever doubt that you are all in my heart! If anyone wants to discuss with me (for whatever reason), you are very welcome to send me an email. Hugs and kisses to all of you! <3


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