Monday, October 25, 2010

Time for combat!

Did you miss me? I'm sure you didn't, but if you were at least wondering where I went, let me just say I didn't go anywhere. And I mean that literally. It's really, really fall now, and the entire me is feeling it in every little cell damnit. Inspiration has been lost, and so has the sun.

It's creme season again. Creme with made up shimmer, shimmer which is really just ISO noise grain.

Being in a creme state isn't necessarily bad, though. I love a good creme! And here is one. Swedish brand IsaDora's Combat Khaki, from the fall collection.

Just have to show you another thing. How many of you are suffering from this?

Compare this photo to the one above. It appears as if I've lost corners all over, but the only difference is that the first photo was shot when I was fresh out of the shower, and the second when my nails are dried up. They curl like crazy! I have a feeling that this mostly happens to those of us who have been gifted with rather thin and weak nails...

Swedish word of the day:
strid -noun combat
I do not believe in military ones.


  1. My nails curl exactly like that as well when they get long. Its such an odd thing that happens. Oh well, I love when my nails are long so I'll just deal with it :/

  2. Wow that's strange indeed. I have very thin and weak nails too but this only happens to me (noticeably) when I patch my nails with nail glue. Maybe I don't have as square nails as you do

  3. Aaaa, I love this one!!! I wanted to buy it, but it was sold out and I "only" got In The Army, which is a fantastic army green (green-grey). I'm wearing it right now and I'll write about it tomorrow.

  4. I have super trong and thick nails and still they curve in a little at the sides, too. I _have_ considered applying some superglue onto the affected areas when my nails are totally saturated with water, but I'm afraid of them losing their natural flexibility.

  5. Oh, this is a lovely colour! I don't really get the name though... it's not what I'd call khaki green, more like a dark jade...

  6. my pinky nails curl like that, the rest doesnt, looks very odd idd :) lovely green color!!

  7. omg! i was just think today about how suck my nails curl. >.< and on top of weak nails i have short nail bed. fail combo. but i get them as long as i cannnn...

  8. I did miss you! And this color is just your photos as well.

  9. i HATE that my nails curl. when they get to a certain point its like they grow in or something!

  10. Yeah, my nails curl like that as well!
    I have noticed that "hot,wet nails vs. dry nails"-thing too, thought I was crazy! X)
    It annoys me, especially since some are curling up more than others!

    Anyway that's a nice color, but my fav is In The Army :)

  11. Mine are thin and weak they curl like crazy too...I'm always worried about getting like...pincer nails, so I can't let them grow as long as I'd like.

  12. Snygg färg. Jag har också köpt den! ;D

  13. O_O! i've never seen nails curl like that before, ever. looks really scary o.0

  14. Åh, om du är på krämhumör hoppas jag att du har HM:s Moody Model och har lust att visa upp den? :)Råkar ha det lacket på mig just nu och kan inte låta bli att titta lite förälskat på mina naglar då och då. :D


  15. Scandalous: One way would be to constantly wet hands. ;D I tend to just deal with it too, but I have to admit, looking back at my photos, I prefer the ones where my nails aren't long and curly...

    Thifa, Bruno, Lovely Addison, Andrea, ChaousButterfly, whee: I guess we have to conclude that the curling phenomenon isn't necessarily linked tohaving weak or thin nails! All we know is: some nails curl, some don't. Very interesting reading your experiences on this though!

    Maestra, Andrea: It's waiting for me on my Helmer, to be tried. ;D

    mylittlevanities: Photos could be off though, due to terrible autumnal weather. :) But no, not khaki per se, but less jade or blue in reality, definitely.

    nihrida: Thank you honey. That means the world to me right now. <3

    jbrobeck: I guess some of us have been less fortunate when it comes to our nailgrowth, huh? :(

    Sminkan: Verkligen? ;D

    Lina: Sedan igår... JA! :D Får köra den inom närmsta dagarna. :) <3

  16. such a pretty color! looks awesome on you! and wow, that curling is so weird... I don't ever have that!


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