Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in color

So, my Swedish colleagues Sminkan, Kajalpennan and Nailtastic have posted their "best polishes of 2010" lists, and I reckon I can't be any worse, so I'll try to do the same! This is a summary of some of my favourite contemporary lacquers that I have posted about in the last year... Which is actually the entire history of my blog.

Here over Essie's Going Incognito.

Here it is over Head Bang from Viva La Diva.

Even though it's identical to OPI's Reflecting Pool, which was released ...some other year.

Thanks to Kelliegonzo. I never get tired of these colors!

Thanks to Roze!

Thanks to Allibally!

...or OPI's Catch Me In Your Net, or any of the other dupes. The color of the year, possibly..?

This year's first big love. You can tell it was pre blogging days because of the terrible watermarking! ;)

These was some of my favourites. My untrieds drawers are still full of releases from this year, that I haven't yet felt like wearing or blogging about. But this list is entirely biased anyway!

Swedish word of the day:
årsbästa -adjective best of the year


  1. Åh, jag vill ha Purple reign från Pure Ice *suck* Varför finns inte godingen på Ebay?

  2. I love :
    Sour Lime ( I have it )
    Knight's Armor - Looove it but don't have it :(
    Show must go on (I have it )
    Crystal - So darn pretty, but I still don't have it :/

    Thank you for the wonderful blog sweetie!
    I hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you!

  3. Oh man there are so many great colors in there!! Some I've never seen before and I some I actually have. Like you, my untrieds drawer is more full than any other drawer. Sad.

  4. Wait? You have one of the OPI Katy Perry colors up, it hasn't been released yet?

    I can't wait to get my hands on that one :)

    Happy New year!

  5. Ah... Vilka bilder! Ingen gör så vackra bilder som du...

  6. as Mr. Burns would say eXcellent

  7. Här fanns det mycket att dregla över! Sour Lime ser underbar ut, den måste jag köpa.


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