Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Houston we have a problem...

a VNL (visible nail line) problem that is! This is OPI Houston we have a purple (purple really?) from the Texas collection. It's a berry/beet color and the formula is jelly, hence the VNL. I can bare with VNL when it comes to light sheers but I don't like it with darker shades like this. It sort of makes your nails look dirty.

When comparing the bottles, OPI Houston We Have a Purple and OPI Miami Beet looks very much alike (the picture below is taken in full sunlight and the colors look a little lighter than they are).

Looking at the bottles, DH said that he could never tell these two apart. Look again I said and showed him the nail wheel below (not that he was really interested or anything). The big difference between them is of course the formula. Houston is a jelly and Miami Beet is a creme.

Houston on the left and Miami on the right showing one coat, two coats and three coats.

Swedish word of the day:
vår -noun spring
I'm longing!


  1. Hmmm, I like it! But I cant believe it's called purple!

  2. OPI Houston We Have a Purple is soooo gorgeous!!! the other... hmmm... does not have the same impact on me

  3. I found all of the Texas jelly polishes had the same effect and really didn't work for me with my massive VNL. Just too sheer and odd looking.

    LMAO at showing the nail wheel to your other half. Mine has to deal with stuff like that from me all the time!

  4. i tried the jelly/sorbet on my toes, no problem there with vnl issues ;)
    those poor men, have you tried polish on him? I have tried but failed.....

  5. I love jelly finishes and I don't usually mind that they show VNL. I don't get the whole "purple" with this one, but I guess they were just trying to go with the flow of the phrase.

  6. Morgan: Me neither!

    anais: I think I prefer Miami because of the VNL issue but they are quite different

    Helen: Maybe these are better suited for those with short nails. I think my husband shuts off when I talk about polish.

    Crystaliciousss: I think the jellys from the Texas collection will be very popular for pedicures this summer. He would never let me try polish on him but that's ok cause I prefer him to not wear it :)

    Megan: I'm ambivalent, they are usually easy to work with and I do have jellys that are less sheer than this but I just don't like the VNL with this kind of colors. Maybe they could have named one "Houston, we have a pink" instead.

  7. Åh, jag älskade Houston We Have A Purple! Blev oväntat förtjust i både färg och finish!

  8. Jellies are fun, but I think I'm gonna pass on this color (maybe even the whole collection). LOL @ "purple"!!

  9. It looks really pretty but VNL annoys me!

  10. I tagged you awesome blog for the stylish blog award and linked you here

  11. Hey!

    You've been given an award because of your amazing blog! :

    Congrats!! =)

  12. The more I see of this collection, the more I see it as an epic fail. Money saved for me.


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