Friday, January 28, 2011

A Sequin Scandal

There are two really great things about the United States of America. One: there is an everflowing stream (musical reference to some of us) of nail polish releases, some exclusively domestic, and two: the people. Since I got deeply drowning in the sea of nail polish, I have found so many new friends that many times overthrows all the European stereotypical prejudices about the American people.

And most of the time, I'm willing to generously compensate anyone who's willing to help me put my greedy little hands on a much wanted bottle of varnish, meaning I'm always grateful to those helping me out with custom purchases and the like. Today I'm showing you one I bought in a blogsale that the ever sweet Tara held, which turned out to be the only opportunity I got to acquire this beauty. I give you, with Tara's help, the Sally Hansen Salon Sequin Scandal.

Sparkly brownish olive shimmer with sparse irregular flecks. How can one not love this?! Even thought the brush really sucks, this polish was worth it. Hell to paint, but covered mostly in two generous coats (there seems to be no other way with this brush), and the wear is great. I have washed my hair with absolutely zero chipping occuring, not even slight tipwear.

Yes, I do love these type of shades. Even though I have a few very similar, I won't pass on a new one. So, of course I prepared this post with a small comparison. Unfortunately no bottle photos to go with it, but here is my partial wheel (all photos clickable for enlargement, as usual):

In the shade, here is, from left to right: MAC Seriously Hip, Sally Hansen Salon Sequin Scandal, Make Up Store Celebration, and China Glaze Wagon Trail.

The two first are much alike, and the last two bears resemblence in between them. All with the gorgeous deep olive color. In the shady photo they look very similar, but already when exposed to moderate sunlight, although suspisciously alike, you can tell none are dupes:

And just look what shows in fullblown sun, with a slight blur:

They are all different. This of course means I need no excuse to own them all! Happy days, mate (cooking celebrity reference here).

Swedish word of the day:
oliv -noun olive
Pronounce it ohleev, et voila! you know the Swedish word.


  1. Åååååååh! Vad fin!! Jag har bara två av dem du nämner, Seriously Hip och Wagon Trail, så nu är jag kraftigt avundsjuk. Inte missunsam dock, för du delar ju så generöst med dig av vackra, vackra bilder.

  2. I have wanted this one for a while now but haven't been able to find it anywhere!! It's soooo pretty.

  3. this is so pretty i love dark polishes because they are really easy to use im so bad at doing my nails that they always get so messy and with dark poslishes one coat and your done!

  4. Gahhhh I need this polish :'( it's so pretty! And it fits you perfectly :).

  5. i'm incredibly jealous! i want this desperately and it's SO beautiful!!



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