Friday, January 28, 2011

Sex on the beach

This is an oldie, China Glaze Sex on the beach from the Sexy sport collection (what a name huh!). It's a peachy pink with peach, pink and gold shimmer. The application was ok but the drying time was not...

Overall I think this is an ok color but I wouldn't call it sexy.

Swedish word of the day:
influensa -noun flu
I'm still recovering from it


  1. I think it's really pretty but I agree, not sexy!

  2. otroligt sött måste jag säga. Får mig att tänka på Zoya Tiffany.

  3. It's about as sexy as sex on the beach (aka not very sexy). Sand in my cooch? No thanks!

  4. Dainty Darling Digits: Yes, pretty is a more accurate description!

    Sminkan: Undrar om inte Tiffany står på min vill ha-lista, får nog kolla lite swatchar.

    Kendal: =)


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