Thursday, February 3, 2011

All the purple girlfriends together

Back when we posted our purple Zoya girlfriends, around new year, Karoline asked to see them all together in one post. While I was at it, I threw in all purple Zoyas I have, and no, apparently larger bottle pics is not my forte.

Let's see them in the shade first:

1. Zara
2. Adina
3. Juno
4. Ki
5. Yasmeen
6. Sloane
7. Valerie
8. Mimi
9. Julieanne
10. Savita

...and in sunlight:

Slightly weird angle here, but hopefully good enough. All photos clickable for enlarging, as usual.

All different enough from each other, which I have to say is good for a brand that puts out at least one purple in every collection. My favourites are Mimi and Valerie, I think. Which purple Zoya is your favourite?

Swedish word of the day:
gardiner -noun pl. curtains, drapes
I installed some new ones in my kitchen today... After procrastinating for over two years.


  1. Although I adore most of Zoya's purples, I think Valerie takes the prize. Perfection!

  2. I have most of those (minus 2) - I want them ALL!! Gorgeous.

  3. I have almost all of these, since I am a huge purple lover and really like Zoya. I think Valerie, Mimi and Adina are my favorites, but maybe I´ll add Dannii to that list, I´m still waiting for that one.

  4. 5,6 and 7 are the prettiest I think. But I'm still in winter (dark) mood.

  5. Great wheel. Yasmeen, Valerie and Julieanne are my faves :))

  6. Tack! :) De är fina allihop, men Mimi och Valerie är favoriterna! Äger än så länge bara Mimi, men det kommer nog leta sig in allt fler Zoya-lack i nagellackslådan..

  7. I love Zara because it's so delicate. I think it's the purple polish I wear the most. I need Savita, though at first I thought it was "Sativa", LOL.

  8. Miranda: I'm not sure on Dannii yet, every other day I want to get it, and the other days, not so much. Just because everything looks nice on Scrangie it doesn't mean it will look good on me. Uhh. Decisions, decisions... Also, you have a pretty name. ;)

    Jennifer Armintrout: LOLz, that would have been hilarious. I'd sure buy it! (Haz Demeter's Library of Fragrance in Cannabis Flower.)

  9. Adina, Ki and Savita!
    I love Zoyas, it is such a shame they are so expensive...So I don't get to buy as many as I like :/


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