Sunday, February 27, 2011


Here's one I got from my friend Sarah over at Them Pretty Colors, namely Ariel from Sancion Angel's holografic line. A particularily good one.

I wish I could remember how many coats I did, but if I'm not completely out of memory, I'd say I did three, because of that habitual personality feature I've got. However, I'm pretty sure it did look good already at two, and if you layer it on top of a similar color, only one coat - you know, I just have to add that third coat to see if the color will deepen.

Maybe not that easily acquired for those of you outside of Brazil, but if you have a friend in the country in question, maybe they can hook you up!

Swedish word of the day:
frekvens -noun frequency
Even colors have one.


  1. This reminds me of 'Velveteen Rabbit' by Femme Couture. I love that type of green.

  2. Hey Love!

    Did it take 2-3 coats for you? wow that's weird, these holos are all 1 coaters except for 3 of them. I must have sent you one with a not so good formula :/

    The color looks lovely on you! So mermad-y ;)

  3. Ohh, I love this color green in a holo. Gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful color! I don't think I've seen a holo that color.

  5. this is such an interesting color. this is actually the 3th time i look at this post haha

  6. Sarah B.: Hmm... Well, I do remember it being well pigmented, especially for a holo, so maybe I did two coats then..? :D It may also have to do with application techniques or skills - I do fairly thin coats I believe, and most of all uneven ones! The formula and coverage really was excellent, so don't you worry. :)


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