Monday, February 21, 2011

Chasing spring

Just like last spring, I'm now on a quest to try to bring spring out of its closet. My attempts bear no fruit, evidently, as I nearly froze my hiney off while walking home from work the other night - the thermometer said -19 Celsius, or about -2 Fahrenheit degrees. Still, I'm stubborn as ever. I tried with China Glaze's Paper Chasing, from the 2009 summer collection Kicks.

A sheer green pearllike shimmer, required three coats to look decent on my discolored nails. These finishes can be tricky to handle, and with my questionable skills, I had troubles as the next coat dragged the previous with it, if I didn't work fast enough. The color is really more vivid, but by now you are all probably aware of how my camera decides to act up as soon as I present it to any saturated green. I believe it has authority issues - like mom, like camera.

It's fun, but it's special, and undoubtedly not for everyone.

Swedish word of the day:
folkmord -noun genocide
Today it's the Libyans.


  1. Gorgeous! Glowing green like the new growth from the ground.

  2. Nice color, remind me of crayons :D

  3. Gorgeous, this is so you! I hope spring shows it's face soon in Sweden so you can be happier ;)

    I found it kind of ironic that your post is so uplifting and has such a lovely color and your word of the day is folkmord heh. I was completely appalled by what happened to the Lybians...Some things humans do, makes me feel ashamed of being a human, just wish I was some other animal...

  4. Sarah B.: Khadaffi, or whatever spelling he uses for his name, is insane- that's for sure. :P


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