Friday, February 18, 2011

Step into...

Cammi already showed you two of the polishes from OPIs bridal collection Femme de Cirque, and here's a third - Step Right Up!.

Pale pink semi-sheer creme. This is three generous coats. I had a hard time applying it properly, avoiding streaks was difficult. The only way I could manage was to basically flood the nail with the product, causing some bubbles in the process. That being said, I'm not the most experienced with pastels, and those of you who are may get a result far better than mine. The formula is far from the worst I've experienced with pastel polishes.

Not really my personal style, I took this manicure off right after I was done with the camera, but I guess it's still a nice polish if you're into these super sweet colors. Are you one of those who are?

Swedish word of the day:
brud -noun bride
White and pink fluff cupcake?


  1. seen a million times before but I get it that sometimes they have to play it safe and release classic shades for average consumer. looks nice tho, clean and elegant, I just wish this neutral sheers would apply better, maybe that way I would wear them occasionally

  2. I usually prefer darker shades of nail polish, but it is a really cute neutral colour :)


  3. I am unfortunately not.
    But this is a good color for a traditional bride, and I think it looks nice on you.

    At my wedding, I want to wear glitter.

  4. Oh hells yeah, ChaosButterfly! If I even get married I'm definitely not gonna be one of those brides that wears these colors. Bring on the darks, flakies and glitter!

  5. I sometimes like these kinds of colors.As a break from so much color. Do you happen to know when this collex is being released? I haven't seen it anywhere yet. I think I like the name of the collex and also the names of the polishes,more than anything.LOL! How we get sucked in with the names!

  6. I actually have been hooked on sheer light colors lately. I am just a bit sick of vampies and dark polishes for a while.
    Bring on the light and sparkly ones :D

    This particular shade might not be a big deal, but it looks quite nice on mostly everyone.

    What is Swedish girls go-to color? Most brazilians love sheer milky whites.

  7. SemiglossyNails: It will be in Swedish stores in the beginning of May, so I assume a little sooner in the states, and even sooner in e-stores. :) And yes, the name of the collection is the best thing about it - I would have wanted something more daring though... I'll have to surrender to the fact that these collections aren't made with consumers like me in mind. ;)

    Sarah B.: I know how you feel. I've been wearing practically nothing but darker greens, greys, teals, etc, for the winter, so I've been feeling a lot like wearing super bright colors lately. No bridal stuff yet though. ;) And the Swedish girls suck when it comes to polish, even if it's a growing market here too. The color I see most of the time are pink shimmers, actually. Horrifying!


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