Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Swimming pool nails

Well, sorta. Last week I was so desperate for some color in my life, that I went through some of my more saturated, bright colors to cheer me up. One I chose to wear was Miami Beach, otherwise known as 116, from Viva La Diva. It was released for last summer.

I believe this was three coats due to the need to even it out - sometimes these lighter, bright colors requires that. The color is slightly washed out on my photos, something that seemed to happen to many shades released for last summer, since super saturated brights were da thang. Overall, thisone made me happy to wear.

Then I got an idea. I received a cute Essence in a package from the ever helpful Alli McBally, namely Glisten Up! from the Colour & Go line. It's a sheer turquoise blue with sparse blue shimmer, and equally sparse holographic glitter and blue flakies. My nails turned into a sunkissed swimming pool, full of chlorine!

I believe I applied two coats of Glisten Up! on top of the Viva La Diva. My photos stink, but I assure you that this was an awesome manicure!

Some of you have noticed by now that I have redesigned the blog entirely. I kept all right column widgets, but changed the template since my old Minima one was so messed up that many features I wanted to use didn't work. I went further into the land of simplicity, and made it all alizarine red while I was at it. I know this will sadden my dear friend Teresa, but I hope most of you will appreciate the fact that you can now actually tell the author of a certain post - this seems to have been a bit confusing to some of you, even though I can clearly tell mine and Cammi's nails apart. ;) I have posted a poll at the top of the right column, so if you read via an RSS reader, please take a moment to tell us how you like the new design. So far, 3/4 of you preferred the old one.

Swedish word of the day:
simbassäng -noun swimming pool
I prefer my own bath tub...


  1. the photos dont stink it is an awesome mani!! I love it!!

  2. What Alex says, it's awesome!!!

  3. It looks great! I love the color and the sparkly top coat makes it perfection.

    (I think the design looks nice, by the way!)

  4. This color is amazing! I think I need it in my life.

  5. This one reminded me of Bella's Choice. Are they close?

  6. Oh i love it.I NEEEEED this colour in my life.

  7. Love love love! Love the new layout. :)

  8. I must say I liked the old layout more :P

  9. This is pretty! I need to get the polish from essence

  10. nihrida: They are definitely in the same color group, but there are differences. I tried doing a comp, but the VLD does not stick correctly to the camera lens, so it was useless. Let's just say this: the H&M turns out color correct, and the VLD doesn't, which usually indicates what I can also tell by my own eyes: the VLD is a lot more saturated, super bright, and does not have the soft, washed out effect the H&M does. :) I hope that answers your question, without the photos. :/


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