Sunday, March 6, 2011

The beauty of a Finnish girl

Another day, another green Zoya - this time the classic Suvi. My photos aren't accurate, this blackened emerald beauty is much prettier in reality, and I really hope you've seen her before, preferably on your own nails!

I did three coats. Suvi is a tad sheer, but otherwise I had no major formulation errors causing me trouble. The shimmer is borderlining pearl, but is still msotly just fine. I was a bit concerned while painting, afraid there would be a lot of visible brush strokes, but it dries just fine. Furthermore, I am sure you all own this pretty thing by now, so I won't elaborate further.

No matter what, when I see Suvi, complete with her name and all, I think of Finland, weird metal, woods and a thousand lakes. And almost albino blonde women, who are in some cases named Suvi.

Swedish expression of the day:
Finlands sak är vår ~ Finland's cause is our cause
A unifying phrase for Swedes committed to volunteering in the Finnish Winter War, during World War II.


  1. Finland = weird metal? XD
    Great color on you!

  2. I love the colour!!! xx

  3. Den är så snygg! Älskar mörka gröna måste jag säga. Letar efter den ultimata gröna färgen jämt, vilket ju resulterar i att jag har för många redan..


  4. I love Suvi, I live "weird" Finnish metal and I love you!

  5. I love this color sadly I do not own it. :(
    Beautiful on you.

  6. That is so pretty! :) I love most green colours, but unfortunately I don't have any Zoyas yet.

    Btw, in Estonian "suvi" means "summer". So I think of that every time I see pics of this polish. :D

  7. Beautiful. Lemming... A very good friend of mine is named Suvi, I must get this polish for her. Or wear it myself in her honour :)

  8. I had no idea Suvi was a Finnish name, I always thought of Indian princesses...

  9. mitt första inläggslack 2007:) så vackert!

  10. Its gorgeous, to me its like a green version of Chanel "Black Pearl" :)


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