Thursday, March 3, 2011

A beauty with horns in her forehead

You've seen her before, the precious Gemma from the Zoya Intimate collection. The wild one in the bunch of spring colors.

Washed out green with beautiful soft, fine purple shimmer on the pearly side. This is three coats. No, actually index and middle are four. They needed some additional leveling out.

Three or four coats and I'm not entirely happy with her. Among all the raves I've been reading - bashing Zoya polishes seems to be considered almost sinful - I'm adding in a more hesitant view of this untameable spring wild child. It seems like me and the Zoya girls sometimes get off on the wrong foot. I want to love them to death, but they are stubborn and free spirited and wont let me have them to the fullest. Much like her girlfriend Adina, Gemma has that gluey, streaky formula that won't let you work it out completely, and then, on top of it all, doesn't dry very fast. After seven hours, my Gemma manicure is still dentable.

Though, Gemma is very pretty. It's just the way it always is with me and the more spectacular Zoya girls - they just don't love me back. Gemma is yet another unanswered love. But I'll do what I always do: I just grab whatever affection I can get - and run.

However, I cannot look at Gemma and not think about this other Gemma - the lovely Emybloom.

Swedish word of the day:
orubblig -adjective headstrong
Gemma sure is.


  1. Beautiful polish, shame the formula/application is so tricky

  2. We have a similar nail polish day. =D

  3. I am betting it doesn't play well with your qd topcoat of choice. Try another?

  4. Cali369: Yeah, that's the tricky part with Zoyas, they can't be combined with any other products, so maybe they just don't work out with mine. :/

    nihrida: *runs over to see* ;)

    Elizabeth: You're probably right, but it doesn't make me happy. :( I have no problems with Zoya cremes or heavy shimmers/glitters, jellies... But these fine shimmers - they just don't work out! As you know, my ass belongs to Nubar Diamont, so that's what I'm using, together with their Foundation basecoat. I guess I'm screwed. :)

  5. I just love the purple shimmer in this!

  6. I have problems with all buy one Zoya I've ever tried. All of mine are problem children. My friend had one, and although I knew the woes with Zoya, I tried it, because the color was one of a kind, as usual, and it was amazing for about 3 days (which is unheard of on my nails). Zoya has some of the best collections out there, but I just can't recommend the formula!
    I do desperately want Gemma though, I'm hoping they do another Polish Exchange so I can get her!

  7. I love the look of Gemma and considered getting her for the name point of view - but at the same time I'm trying to stop with the polish with incoming sprogling! I think milani 'gems' are more me anyway!

    Awww thank you for the mention - whenever anyone talks about this polish in blogs I think they are talking about me! haha


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