Thursday, March 24, 2011

Contaminated milk

Not really, but I just couldn't resist that title. Nor could I resist this polish. You've already seen it, and so have I - so I caved and got it despite its hefty pricetag. Every once in a while, even the Feline can do neutral, sheer bases. I present Contaminated Mi... No, Glitter in the Air, by Deborah Lippmann.

Of course, no sun! Index and middle are four coats, ring and pinky three - due to inconsistent coat thickness, mostly. The difference isn't that obvious, I think. The formula surprised me by being very good, manageable and not prone to bubbling what so ever, despite the thick coats I did. However, I did say neutral sheer, didn't I? And no, I know the base is a light blue, and most girls won't call that a neutral polish color, but since it's sheer, and it's very lightly tinted, on my heavily discolored nails it's a mere neutral. It just neutralizes my horrid yellowishness, and therefore isn't very blue on me, but sure, it's not warm either.

Also, of course the glitter makes it a little less neutral as well. I'm not one of all you fans of the Lippmann hexagon glitters (there are so many now that they don't need to be named anymore), mostly because I still think the Lippmann polishes are terribly overpriced, and the glitter really doesn't glitter, they're just particles. In this case, pretty sweet particles. And there are more than meets the eye at first glance - three different sizes, three different colors, and when you add coats, the colors of the deeper located particles change. I really like that. And even though I was hit by an instant, desperate lemming as I first saw this polish, I liked it even more in reality.

For me personally, these are well spent bucks for some subtle feminine bang.

Swedish word of the day:
luft -noun air
I admit, I like this word.


  1. I really wish this color wasn't as sheer and looked exactly the way it did in the bottle- but I still want it really bad though lol =)

  2. Gosh if milk looked as pretty as that I might think of drinking it. lol. It's a gorgeous polish.

  3. I've been wanting to see this on your nails! Am lemming it too, this really is my cup of tea, weird and pretty and wearable. Makes me think of shiny radioactive blackheads... or do those have to be green?

  4. Åh jag föll för det direkt! Inte min vanliga smak i lack, men den här måste jag absolut ha. Synd att det kostar lite extra, men det är det kanske värt ;)

    /Carro -

  5. I love this <3 I am getting one off ebay on April <3


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