Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm in dire need of correctly formulated Diamont Seal & Shine Topcoat from Nubar. I have tried all available resources, and all I get is the bad Diamont, even though I've heard the good formula is back on the market. That is why I now turn to you, my dear readers, to ask for help. Do you have any redundant bottles of either really old or really new Diamont, that you do not care to use up? A half-full bottle is fine, thick and goopy product is fine too! Whatever you can do for me, email me at felineliza [at] gmail [dot] com, and we'll arrange for something that will benefit both ends.

I'm also open to any arrangement that can get me the smaller refill bottle - again, with the good product.

Product image totally stolen from bynubar.com.


  1. I use mine every day so my little one won't be going. good luck though :)

  2. Honey I think you should try www.feelunique.com, I ordered one from ebay and it was the new one and it sucked! Then I tried feelunique which sell Nubar for a few months and I figured since they didn't carry them for too long they must have the new new Diamont and they do,mine came a month ago and it is the Diamont we all love!!

  3. I've sent you an email.


  4. you nailed it!: It IS the best, and thank you!

    Katie: Yhank you so much for this tip! I've ordered some today and really hope to be getting a good bottle too!

    marsha: I will reply to you shortly, thank you!


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