Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Magic elves and flakies

Yet another day when I needed green for luck - I took my final test in psychiatry this morning. I believe I actually did OK, but the results are not in yet... So, I went through all my drawers last night to find a polish suitable for the occation, and after a failed attempt with Jordana's Green Glitz (sorry, no photos of that one), I finally swept my eyes over the top shelf, and saw my Color Club Enchanted Holiday pack. Hey, it's got an untried green! And it's gorgeous! I know that, since I, just like you, have already seen a million swatches. And yes, while you're now on to the summer colors, I have finally passed fall and entered holiday season! But honestly, this color is just as suitable for spring and summer. I give you Magic Elf.

Three not so thin coats of this beautiful golden green foil shimmer. A little sheer. But you already knew that too.

When I got home after finishing the test, I saw my bottle of Creative Limelight on the kitchen table. Of course I had an idea... But then I felt it wasn't sufficient, it kind of disappeared on top of Magic Elf, so I grabbed another flakie - The green and orange Astor 82 I got from my dear friend Lina a few months back.

How about that?

Despite all the wicked beauty I'm not totally in love with this manicure. Not to mention it hasn't dried yet, about three hours after application. But hey, I'm wearing a total of eight coats, including base and top coats, so I guess it's all my own fault.

What do you have to say about it?

Swedish word of the day:
älva -noun elf, fairy
I believe it's about the right time of year for them to come out...


  1. Wow this is sooooo gorgeous!!!

  2. Oh wow!!! I love it both with and without the flaky layers! Gorgeous. Love those close ups. Just found your blog, and I'm following! :)

  3. Vilken magiskt vacker manikyr! Super fint! :)

  4. Magic Elf har stått på önskelistan ett bra tag nu, så fin!

  5. i looooooooooove that green, amazing :) hope your test was good, too :)

  6. pretty!
    a shame it won't dry :(

  7. Wow--awesome green mani! I'm drooling!

  8. Nämen skit också! Jag vill verkligen ha Magic Elf. Hade hoppats på att Zoya Apple var en dupe men så var det såklart inte.

  9. Woah this is such a great color! I luv it!

  10. This is beautiful! You have very pretty fingernails, I'm really jealous. ;)

    Greetings from germany! :)


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