Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some Depend Summer 2011 swatches

So, here are some full swatches of the new Depend polishes for summer 2011. All are without any base or top coats.

243. Muted purple with heavy silver shimmer. I did three coats of this one, but some of you will be satisfied with two. I believe it appears a bit more washed out in these photos than it actually is. Really like it!

247. Blue metallic foil. This is two coats, you may be able to get away with one, but I wouldn't recommend it if you'd like to avoid brush strokes. If handled with care it's very nice, and the strokes aren't as obvious in reality as they are in the detailed photos. The third picture best describes it.

249. Semi-bright green creme. Two coats and very well pigmented and nice to work with. These photos have undergone the color correction mandatory for bright colors, but are still slightly off. Like I wrote in the preview post: imagine China Glaze's Four Leaf Clover but a couple tads darker. I love this color.

251. Pastel baby blue with silver shimmer. The only pastel I tried out this time around. Applies a bit like a pastel, but overall rather problem free. If I'm not mistaken, this was two coats. I like it better in theory than on me. On someone who rocks pastel this would be gorgeous.

252. Somewhat bright medium blue jelly packed with glassfleck shimmer. Three coats. This one is fabulous. It still does have some visible nail line at this point, but personally I don't mind, and the glassfleck prevents it from being too obvious. If you like your manicures completely opaque, you might want to consider it as a layering color if you like it. Applying a fourth coat isn't the best - you'll run into drying time difficulties, as often when Depend does a similar finish.

I can't give you any proper information on drying times in general, but let's say, that except for the foil, none of these had dried when I was done with the camera. But with a sufficient fast drying topcoat I think most of them will be okay in reasonable time. They are all good to work with, no troubles, and some are even pleasant to deal with.

I hope I managed to fullfil some of your desires for full swatches, even though I realise I focused a lot on blue this time. The five shown above are the ones I would get from this collection, based on my personal taste. Or if you're looking to get only two, my picks would be the green and the blue glassfleck.

Swedish word of the day:
dator -noun computer
I'm writing this on my spanking new MacBook.


  1. OMG gief the blue's please :P! Amazing colors, you lucky one!

  2. 247 och 252 lär jag köpa, och antagligen 249 också, det var en del riktigt fina färger i den kollektionen. <3
    Synd på de andra två att Depend ska ha i det gräsliga, grova silverskimret, jag tycker de förstört alldeles för många fina nyanser på det viset. :(

  3. Nice swatches!! I like the green, metallic blue, and light blue best!

  4. Mycket fint här! Det blir att skriva upp nya på inkypslistan

  5. They're all gorgeous! Can't decide which one's the prettiest.

  6. Hehe jag måste vara en av de få personer som tycker om Depends silver skimmer lack.251 var riktigt söt :)

  7. 243 looks beautiful! :)

  8. Snyggare än jag hade trott att de skulle vara. Eller så är det bara dina fantastiska bilder som lurar mig. Det tar alltid emot att betala för ett dependlack vad man ger för ett ChG hos en e-tailer, men det kan nog hända att jag köper några av dem. Den lila har faktiskt fastnat lite i mitt huvud nu.

  9. The colors from Depend are amazing in so many pictures! I like them!

  10. Too many pretties! :D Love 243 and 249. ;D

  11. I like your nails a bit shorter like this!


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