Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There will be Blood

This was the first polish I picked out after I had nubbinized my nails recently. There's just no better than a good classic red or vampy for shorter nails!

Three coats. From the old NYX Girls line, but if you're lucky, there are still a few colors available at CherryCulture.com. This one was a bit more problematic than your average red creme. Three coats is unusual for a red, and I experienced a formula far from perfected. But somehow I managed, despite a terrible tremor induced by excessive tobacco usage - with a lot of help from my trusted cleanup pen!

Is it the color of blood? I know personal reference frames vary on this matter, but to me, blood is a darker and more brownish red. I know my blood isn't this bright, even when fresh... I wonder if the person prototyping for this polish suffered from anemia?

Swedish word of the day:
tobak -noun tobacco
I use it in non-smoking form.


  1. No, it really isn't blood colour but 'tomato' just doesn't sound so good...

  2. great colour, your nails look good too :-D

  3. Det är en underbart snygg färg och jag håller med, röda lack, särskilt jelly, ser bra ut på korta naglar. Jag gjorde exakt samma sak fast med andra lack när jag blev av med min längd på naglarna. Den här är jag sugen på att köpa men just nu är det nog banne mig köpstopp. Beställde ett gäng Nfu Oh genom Nail Mail igår och är nu ruinerad. Och måste vänta en eeeeeevighet innan lacken kommer. Jag "behövde" dock några nya flakes...

  4. Love the comment on anemic blood lol!

  5. Isn't arterial blood brighter/redder than venuous? I'm always amazed at how black my blood is when donating, but if I cut myself it's not dark at all. Hm. Blood fascinates me but at the same time I'm kinda scared :S

  6. sparris: I guess I'm supposed to know this, but I don't. :D


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