Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Viva La Diva Summer 2011 - swatches

So, here are some full swatches of three of the new Viva La Diva lacquers - the three glassflecked ones. Three is the magic number today, because these are also all three coats each.

127 Pacha. Light blue glassfleck in sheer teal base.

128 Amnesia. Light blue glassfleck in light, sheer turquoise base.

In the weird, angled photo below, you can see the actual base color.

Of course I forgot to do these shots for the other colors.

129 Bora Bora. Light blue glassfleck in a somewhat sheer, blue base.

Variations on a theme, evidently. Glassfleck seems to really be back for this summer - I just picked one up on H&M as well. I know many love glassfleck, so hopefully there are lots of people out there who will be happy, but personally, even though I like glassfleck, I don't love it. They often have opacity problems, and drying time can be way longer than that of a nice creme, or any other types of shimmer for that matter. Still, it's among the nicest finishes, or the nicest finish, available locally in Sweden this season.

After finishing my small photography sessions, none of these were dry. Otherwise, they are decently formulated, perhaps a tad runny, but I had no problem controlling application most of the time.

I think my favourite out of these is Amnesia, actually. Despite its sheerness. I did some layering with it, which I'll show you soonish. Though - Amnesia? Really? Ibiza Party... Amnesia... What are the peeps over at Viva La Diva implying? Are we supposed to drink and do drugs to the extent of pure blackouts? Outside the theme of this collection, I love the name, but under the circumstances... It's just...

Swedish word of the day:
minnesförlust -noun memory loss
The layman term for amnesia.


  1. Wow I love Amnesia! Very gorgeous color!

  2. Those are pretty! I agree with you--Amnesia is my favorite, too.

  3. Härliga havs-färger, måste försöka skaffa ett gäng av den här kollektionen!

  4. Wow, amnesia is so unique!!!


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