Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back on square one...

I wanted to let you guys know that I this week received a bottle with the dud formula Diamont from Feelunique. I wouldn't call it safe to order from there if you're just as picky about the formulation as I am. This drags me all the way back to square one as of finding an online dealer in Europe who sells the flawless version. If you know of any such store, please leave a comment for those of us who need to know!

Swedish word of the night:
ruta -noun square
There aren't many in terms of Diamont, these days...


  1. Oh nooo..I was about to make an order, thank god I didn't! I can't live without the good Diamont..

  2. I got a bottle of Diamont from FeelUnique and it was fine. Maybe you were just unlucky. I've always had luck with I think they ship internationally but I'm not 100% sure. Just an idea :-)

  3. How does one know what a good formula is?

  4. That stinks. Can you get your moniez back?

  5. Katie: If you feel like playing Russian Roulette, you just might get lucky. ;)

    Amy: Previous bottles I've gotten were fine, but this one wasn't. Not sure I'm willing to take the risk - I've bought far too many dud bottles over the last year. :/

    inheritedhornet: If it never dries, it's the dud one. On the contrary, if it dries lightning fast, that's the one you'd want!

    ChaosButterfly: I'm too lazy to go through all that stuff. :P

    Gina: Thanks!

  6. I ordered mine from Nailpolish Fashion and it's the good one!

  7. Har du prøvd Kanskje de har den du er ute etter? Verdt et forsøk, kanskje.

    Håper du finner den du ser etter. Det er derfor jeg sverger til Poshe. Så kjedelig dette med Diamont :(

  8. Oh how horrible since Diamont/Nubar has achieved such high standards in the market. Makes you wonder if some counterfeit ones are getting into retailers who do have contracts to sell Nubar? Or is it a problem at the Nubar factor with some runs? I adore this clear top coat as do many. I go back and forth between this and SV as my go to top coats of choice. SV is a whole lot easier to get my hands on in walk in retail and not have to order on line here in the states. Thus unless I am putting in an order with Nubar for polish direct from them - that's about the only time I ever order it. I never have ordered it from anyone but Nubar direct. Good to know there are issues. You should CERTAINLY contact Nubar about this. My guess is they would want to send you a replacement bottle, esp with your blog of how the quality is not there in all bottles. They need feedback from consumers to KNOW there might be counterfeit in certain authorized retailers - I would think if there is a company production internal problem with the formula they would be all over it because of their reputation on the line. I know there are no returns on most cosmetics. We have in the states a lot of places that will take returns however on them...and certainly if there is a problem with it. have you contacted the etailer you got it from with your dud bottle?

  9. Neej! Har en flaska på väg från Feelunique :( men den första flaskan Nubar Diamont som jag köpte därifrån är iallafall den "bra" versionen, får hoppas att min nya flaska också är bra ... Men vart kan man köpa Diamont annars, om man vill vara säker på att få den bra versionen? Har bara köpt den från Feelunique innan.

  10. Phédre: Thanks for letting us know! :)

    Regina: Nej, det har jag ju inte... Känns lite som att spela rysk roulette, detta. :) Poshe är min andra favorit, men jag får krympning med den vid många lacklager eller keffa formuleringar, så Diamont är (tyvärr) oslagbar och oersättlig för mig. :/

    beachgal: It's a known fluke formula, and Nubar received a lot of customer complaints for changing it. They changed the formula back, but it seems they never withdrew the hated batch from the market, and from what I can tell, they all wound up in Europe (at least it feels that way). Gahh. I'll make an attempt to complain with the etailer where I bought the bad bottle and have them send me another one - if I'm lucky it will be better. If not, I'm not gonna take my chances and order from there again.

    Anonymous: Rapportera gärna om det är en bra eller dålig flaska! Det kan vara intressant att veta. :) Det säkraste vore att beställa direkt från Nubar, men detta är en lyx som endast ankommer dem som bor i USA. :/

    Sarah: De har tyvärr också levererat den dåliga batchen - inte en säker leverantör just nu.

    Inheritedhornet: You're welcome. :)

  11. May I say as a worker at all Nubar is 100% genuine, we have not been made aware until today that there was a problem with the Diamont Top Coat. I myself use Nubar and have never had a problem with my many bottles of Diamont. May I also please confirm that if you do receive a bottle of Diamont that has the fault we are more than happy to refund you in full, or send out another top coat, which ever you prefer. We purchase all Nubar direct from palmsextra, which is the UK distributor, I have been in contact with Nubar and we are currently trying to resolve the problem. I apologise in advance to all that may experience a problem with a recently purchased Diamont Top Coat, but please do get in contact with us for a replacement bottle.

  12. hey you might want to switch to sech vite =) it is the most amazing top coat ever and works every time!


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